UPDATED: The original YouTube video has been taken down. New one courtesy of Vimeo.

L.A.-based dubstep innovator Rusko has been a busy boy.

From dropping his LP debut and hosting his regular U.K. radio show, to producing M.I.A.'s next LP and getting tapped to work with popsters like Rihanna, Britney Spears and T.I., the low-end lover has been spread pretty thin.

His new video for “Hold On,” a song which features Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors, reflects this sentiment.

In it, we witness five days in the life of the basstronaut via a mini concert film, by Eikon productions, which serves to show that the glamorous life of a musician is seldom that. Instead, Rusko's existence amounts to rolly suitcases, loading docks and train cars.

He recently spoke to L.A. Weekly about his upcoming road-trip with Maya:

“We're doing a bus tour across America and I'm thrilled. I love being on the bus so I can make beats while we travel. That's all I do. I have to be making beats.”

So in reality, his 'tude about touring isn't that bad. Perhaps it's because all that life-in-transit pays off for those few moments on stage when he snake-charms the audience with his hypnotic, wobbly bass.

Get charmed yerself:

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