It won't conjure January Jones in a barely-there red dress, but Drago Centro's frothy January Jones cocktail is perfect for driving out the bitter chill of a Los Angeles February. (We realize how ridiculous the phrase “the bitter chill of a Los Angeles February” sounds to readers in Buffalo or Washington D.C., but once you've acclimated to 250 days of sunshine per year, anything below 65 degrees feels positively arctic.)

A recent addition to Drago Centro's seasonally-based cocktail menu, the January Jones is served piping hot, which is how it should be drunk. Like all hot toddies, the law of diminishing returns kicks in the moment it cools down. This is a drink that could easily veer into syrupy horror, but Michael Shearin and his crew spike the buttery blend of Appleton VX rum, demerara syrup and hot water with just enough cinnamon tincture to give it a razor's edge. Star anise, floating on a frothy cap of foam, and clove-studded orange peel perched on the rim enhance the drink's spicy undertone and make it almost as sexy as the woman who inspired it.

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