On this week’s episode of the Rockstar Experience podcast, Producer Bryan (aka DJ BAEB) fills in for Brian Calle and Ryan Leutz as he interviews DJ, producer, radio personality and entrepreneur, DJ E-Rock.

Real name Eric Nagrampa, DJ E-Rock is part of the The REAL 92.3, one of the highest-rated radio shows in the market space right now. He has a syndicated radio show, The Bassment, which has daily programming 7 days a week. The different days have different themes to help open up those not only interested in music, but gaming, lifestyle and podcasts. This makes sense, as DJ E-Rock is a Twitch Partner and the “Godfather of Twitch Music Streaming,” meaning he started the club DJ movement on Twitch.

With his connections to Twitch, he was successfully able to take his Las Vegas/Los Angeles club residencies and transform digitally a club-like experience for those at home during quarantine. Not only was he able to reach a new international fan base, he was able to organize or be part of charitable streams that raised over $70,000.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I don’t do,” laughs our guest. “Like I say all the time, if I feel like I don’t have a million things going on, I feel like I got nothing going on.”

“I’m a big believer in energy and what you put into the universe, even your own universe,” he continues. “The energy that you put in your own universe, you get to reap that tenfold down the line, you know. So it’s like life is about an investment, man. And if you invest a lot into it you just may come out on top.”

If anyone knows about the value of investing in oneself it’s DJ E-Rock. A San Francisco native, he first began playing music at age 11. By 15, he had started his first Bay Area radio show. How did it all begin?

“I’ve always been into music because of the car rides I had with my parents, especially my father. My father was just a huge ‘80s funk guy and ‘70s funk guy,” DJ E-Rock explains. “My mom was big into music too, from the energy perspective of it. Like how it would enhance your mood and how it could just change things literally from the drop of a beat.”

Thanks to his parents, music has always been a part of his life; it’s ingrained in his DNA. He dived right into the industry as a preteen and has never looked back since.

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