It's hard to find a historically accurate equivalent to the Dirty Projectors. Maybe they're the Meatloaf of the indie world. Wait, maybe they're unfunny Frank Zappas. Perhaps they're Fleetwood Mac. After all, their songs are esoteric, complex, and irrefutably grandiose, not to mention the sexual tension that (probably) boils under their detached exterior. Yet like Meatloaf, Dirty Projectors are totally unsuitable to listen to during the physical act of love or Scrabble. Whoever they are, the over-the-top musicianship of Dirty Projectors will peak February 27th when they join the L.A. Philharmonic for a performance at the Disney concert hall. But for those who can't wait to have the D-Projector's billion note riffs inserted into their earholes, today the Dirty Projectors have released a new 7″ 'Ascending Melody' with two previously unreleased tracks from the Bitte Orca sessions. If you only use records as coasters, feel free to download the tracks off their website.

Or just enjoy the Zappwood Loaf (or Meatwood Zapp?) after the jump.

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