David Ryder Prangley Gets Transcendental: Erstwhile Rachel Stamp frontman David Ryder Prangley told us about his love for Nymphs singer Inger Lorre‘s solo masterpiece.

Inger Lorre

Transcendental Medication (Triple X Records)

David Ryder Prangley: Many people would struggle to pick their absolute favourite album of all time but for me it’s a very clear choice. When I was a child I discovered that music was magic. It could make me happy, make me sad, scare me, take me to a far off exciting place when the day outside was cold and rainy, heal me when I was in pain… All I had to do was put a piece of black plastic onto the turntable, drop the stylus and I was off to another dimension. If there happened to be music on TV, well, those pop stars sure looked and sounded like alien beings from a far off galaxy where life was a fever dream and where I desperately wanted to live.

(Triple X)

This leads me to my choice, in my opinion the most magical album that has ever existed, by perhaps the most magical musician of all time. I had loved Inger’s previous band the Nymphs whose loud and raw rock music was at the same time beautiful and terrifying so when she released her solo album in 1999 I knew I would love it. In contrast to the Nymphs, Inger’s album was more subtle but no less devastating. In the coming years this album was my constant companion through sick and sin. Whatever life threw at me I could get through it with Inger on the stereo. When I released my solo album Black Magic & True Love in 2020 I dedicated it “To Inger, whose voice saved my life” and it was true. Her voice is pure magic, so rich and complex and beautiful, all nine of the knowledgeable Greek muses in one woman.

I recently heard a couple of the songs that Inger is currently working on and they are just as brilliant and heart piercing as anything she has done before. Her voice continues to be a source of wonder and awe to me. And she has great taste in hats… Which is important in life.

David Ryder Prangley Gets Transcendental: His new album, Vampire Deluxe, is out July 4. 


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