Hey, fans of BBC America. You know David Mitchell, the comedian, actor and master of the nervous stammer who stars in the British-made sketch series That Mitchell and Webb Look and the sit-com Peep Show? The guy who also writes regular newspaper columns in The Guardian and The Observer and is the favorite erudite quip-slinger of every British current events panel show? Well, he also composes social observation video rants called David Mitchell's Soapbox that can be found on YouTube and seem to address every topic ever.

How far-reaching is DMS, you ask? Here's his 3:12 eloquently phrased diatribe that takes aim at restaurant chefs, their ill-advised boasting and those towering hamburgers that double as show-offy meat spectacles and are designed to make people at the table go “woo” but give no thought to “the logistical problems of the poor sod who has to eat the food …” At a certain point, Mitchell swipes at a mysterious something called a Knickerbocker Glory. That's an ice cream sundae layered with Jell-O and topped with syrup, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

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