Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates died this morning at his home in Newport Beach. He was 83.

The New York Times describes him as “the unyielding chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, whose aggressive approach to policing in a period of intense urban turmoil was both admired for its innovation and criticized for the racial unrest it provoked.”

The L.A. Times: “the rookie cop who rose from driver for a legendary chief to become chief himself, leading the Los Angeles Police Department during a turbulent 14-year period that found him struggling to keep pace with a city undergoing dramatic racial and ethnic changes.”

The Daily News: “a 'cop's cop' who was Los Angeles police chief during the city's deadly 1992 riots.”

The AP: “the polarizing former police chief whose 14-year tenure ended amid widespread criticism over his department's response to the city's deadly 1992 riots.”

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck: “a one-in-a-million human being. He inspired others to succeed and, in doing so, changed the landscape of law enforcement around the world.”

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