Gyros, falafel and döner kebabs are the universal street food of Europe. Danky's Döners (@dankysdoners) wants to know: Why not Los Angeles? Rolling out today for the very first time, the Turkish-themed food truck (which is actually run by a Persian guy who grew up in Norway) offers their spin on the döner kebab: beef or chicken (and maybe lamb, if there's a demand for it) tucked in a pita or fluffy, sesame seed-studded Barbari bread and topped with tomatoes, corn, cabbage, lettuce and Danky's yogurt and garlic sauce. The menu also features tacos, burritos and even a Philly döner with mushrooms, bell peppers and American cheese.

As for the name? There's nothing Turkish about it. It's just a flight of fancy referring to something “so good, it's dank.” Dank you very much.

LA Weekly