Just weeks after John Bryson quietly tendered his resignation from Obama's cabinet, the Los Angeles district attorney has declined to press charges against the ex-commerce secretary.

“The District Attorney's Office has declined to file a case against former Secretary of Commerce John Bryon,” Sandi Gibbons of the District Attorney's office said in a statement released this afternoon.

Bryson, the well-connected founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council and former head of Edison International, resigned from the Commerce Department's top post on June 20, 11 days after he was involved in a bizarre double hit-and-run in San Gabriel.

On Saturday, June 9, Bryson rear-ended a Buick stopped at a railroad crossing in San Gabriel. He reportedly spoke to the driver and passengers, before returning to his vehicle, hitting the car again and driving away.

Two miles and less than ten minutes later, Bryson struck another car. He was found passed out behind the wheel of his Lexus at the scene of the second accident, where he was cited for felony hit and run.

Bryson claimed he suffered a seizure at the time of the accidents. He passed the breathalyzer test at the scene, before he was taken to a nearby hospital–possibly the same hospital where his wife sits on the board of directors–for a blood test.

That toxicology report was included in the file that the San Gabriel Police, with investigation assistance from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, turned over to the district attorney on Monday afternoon.

Officials in the Obama administration were not notified of the accidents until Sunday evening–more than 24 hours after the events occurred. The next day, Bryson announced he would be taking a medical leave while doctors tried to ascertain the cause of the seizure; he offered the president his resignation in a letter a week and a half later.

Bryson Resignation

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