The Style Council threw their first LA WEEKLY sponsored Fashion Party

last Thursday, to celebrate our latest Fashion  Issue—

Hollywood Forever“— an exploration of age-appropriateness in fashion

and the rise of granny chic, with a shoot inspired by Harold and Maude.

By most accounts the shindig was a huge success!! The only bummer was,

a bunch of people didn't make it in and we're so sorry if you were one

of 'em. We had no idea the invites we handed out just the week before

would have yielded such a big response. We continuously filled the 300 person

capacity Marvimon House, a converted 1920s Italian car showroom. Owners

Miguel Nelson and Sherry Walsh rent their home out for parties, movie

shoots and screenings. Clint Catalyst (left),  fabulous man about town and writer for Top Model showed up with Top Model Lisa in tow, and a bedazzeled LIVE-cockrach broach designed by Jared Gold.  It crawled all around squiggling it's little legs…We got a last minute RSVP from John Hensley (below right), who plays Matt McNamara on Nip/Tuck. His rep wrote us the next day that John had “the best time.” I was so excited to see designers Uriel Saenz and Tarina Tarantino (right in the pink hair, with a guest).

And a special shoutout to the designers who dressed the Style Council,

Caroline wore a gorgeous Trina Turk 50's-esque bombshell number and a necklace of Tarina's, Steffie rocked a blue silk and gold threaded plunging party dress by Petro Zillia, and Meghan dressed me in her “No U Fabulous” tunic. I flipped for her show this LA Fashion Week, and tried to recreate her whole “James Blonde” look— the dangerous double agent. I even followed the make-up tips artist Karl Giant gave me, and Nina Van Arsdale of Smashbox made sure I had all the necessary acoutrement to recreate the look. But the

party wouldn't have been possible without planner

extraordinaire, Michele Gott of Center of Attention. Michele's done

tons of parties, from Moon Unit Zapa's wedding to Ozzy Osbourne and

Sharon's Wedding Renewal Bash. She tracked down all kinds of food and

treats, and fun things for guests to do. Michele took care of everything. She was just amazing. And her

right hand gal, Christine La Londe,  organized a special fashion

show for us.

Models from Younique Mgmt, wearing clothes

from our big fashion issue including Chulo Pony and Cynthia Vincent, stomped down a table runway decorated by GD Designers with cupcakes and flowers.

    Our guests were treated to vodka cocktails made with X-rated Vodka

who sponsored the event. Erik Hart of Morphine Generation with

a friend (right) enjoyed a cool cocktail.

And if X-rated vodka wasn't enough, the beverages were served by a few handsome devils from Beautiful

Bartenders, who also co-sponsored the party. These boys rocked it out,

no one waited  for booze.


to keep guests' tummys in check Fred Eric from Tiara Cafe sponsored an

all organic menu. I've never been to a party where the food didn't run


Fred's staff, rolled and sliced and tossed all night.  Trays of

chicken wrapped in bread, and smothered with a delicious lemon spread

went around and around, while herbed brown rice in chinese cartons, and

fennel salad made a lot of folks happy. Fred's crew

(left) worked in

an open kitchen and we had a blast chillin with them. I highly recommend stopping in to the Tiara Cafe. The waitresses were dressed in American

Apparel outfits, metallic bikini tops under white t-shirts, and  “hooter” short shorts.   And Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank sent us over beautifully frosted treats (right). People raved

about them. They even piped on little “LA Weekly”s.  Pink Frankenstein, director of the documentary Bardot-A Go-Go, was our amazing DJ, who also whipped together a DVD of spliced-together fashion movies, kept the crowd boogying, Lina and Steffie took turns at the wheels. To keep the party going, Ruisseau Espresso passed out free cappucinos and espresso. And for the peeps who wanted to take a break from the dance floor, April Monroe gave guests Airbrush Tattoos and Heidi

Richman  (left) held her Heidi's Night of Beauty, giving Urban Decay make-overs, manicures and  touch-ups. After getting made up, Andrew Kitchen had his portable studio on hand to take gorgeous portraits of guests. There was just so much going on. I'm exhasuted even thinking about it again. We sent guests home pretty happy too. We handed out gift bags with either American Apparel velour rompers, or their new unitard (perfect under short skirts and dresses, or for yoga!) or their sexy boy short undies; Smashbox make-up palettes with eyeshadow, blush and lipstick; Minx jewelry (silver guitar pick necklaces, or tiny cassette tape earrings); Bed Head S-Factor hair care products; and J. Gerard Black Peace Shirts!

ALL photos by The Cobrasnake, for more, go here: Fashion Weekly

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