It's been about three months since the cronut entered our culinary lexicon, introduced by Dominique Ansel at his bakery in Manhattan, and the fervor doesn't seem to have dampened. In Los Angeles, there are sightings from DK's Donuts in Santa Monica to Frances Bakery in Little Tokyo, coming in various names suggestive of the original.

Yesterday, Kettle Glazed Doughnuts, which just opened Wednesday, Aug. 7, added its own version to the growing list. It's spelled “croughnut,” the legal rights to which, according to consulting chef Marjorie Ohrnstein of Fun Food Catering, now belong to shop owner Sami Anz.

It was Ohrnstein who first drew Anz's attention to cronuts, suggesting the idea of adding a variant to the menu. It took her about two weeks to fine-tune a recipe she was satisfied with.

“The whole idea is to let the dough rise. If it doesn't rise, it's not going to puff up,” she says. “I went back and forth between croissant dough and puff pastry. I combined puff pastry with croissant dough, because I wanted perfect layers.”

Where Ansel uses grapeseed oil, Ohrnstein uses palm oil to fry the croughnuts. “We fill them with a vanilla bean pastry cream, made from scratch every day, then roll them in cinnamon sugar and do a chocolate drizzle on top.”

The croughnuts were put out around 10 a.m. the day before and by noon the shop had sold out. To prepare for today, they'll have increased the amount from yesterday's batch. Ohrnstein says the plan is to add incrementally as they gauge demand.

“We're going to be introducing different flavors in the near future. I want to do a chocolate cream with maybe a cappuccino or an espresso glaze,” Ohrnstein says. “For the fall, we're hoping to have a pumpkin croughnut with a cream cheese icing.”

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