LOCKED ON: focused. As in, “Man that officer is really locked on.” Or: That officer really knows procedure,

policy and the law.

GOOD TO GO: The officer is psyched, has all of his or

her equipment together and is ready for action.

OBS'D: observed.

GAT: gun. As in, “We obs'd him over at First and Temple and we saw he had a gat.”

HEAVY: armed or holding a weapon, as in, “He looks heavy.”

TUBE: shotgun. As in, “We are going to deploy the tube.” Or: We are going to take the shotgun out of the car.

O.C.'D: pepper sprayed; short for oleoresin capsicum.

TAZED: hit by a tazer.

HYPE: heroin addict.

“THAT GUY IS DEUCE”: The suspect is driving under

the influence.

“WE ARE CODE 6 RIGHT NOW”: We are here right now.

“WE ARE CODE 6 ON A CODE 37”: We are right on a stolen vehicle.


you ask the person who called the police to step out?

RTO: radio telephone operator.

R.A.: rescue ambulance. As in, “We are requesting an

R.A. on the scene.”

AIR SHIP: helicopter.

CODE 7: lunch. As in, “I am going to do 7.”

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