With Congress' recent ground-breaking legislation, baking enthusiasts everywhere now must live with the fear that their lives will never be the same. You guessed it. Due to a bill banning 100 watt light bulbs, Hasbro has now redesigned the Easy Bake Oven, raising the question: Will it still be so Easy?

If you've ever eaten anything from an Easy Bake Oven, you're familiar with the cooking mechanism: premade mixes are poured into flimsy plastic trays which are popped into the “oven,” essentially a tray underneath a light bulb. The light bulb then cooks it, and out comes a doughy blob, to the delight of the child who made it for you.

As the Tampa Tribune reports, now that 100 watt light bulbs are banned for their lack of energy efficiency, Hasbro decided to abandon its light bulb-based design for the first time since its invention in 1963. Instead, these will have an internal heating source along with more space inside. Perfect for new, bigger and most likely more expensive products such as “Party Pretzel Dippers” with cheese dip and “Rockin Pizza” with guitar shaped dough.

The bad news is that this new oven will cost more, from a previous $39.99 to $49.99. But hey, it's not like the nation's experiencing one the most crippling debt crises in history.

So thanks, Congress. Thanks, Mr. Boehner and Mr. Reid for coming to an agreement. Glad you fixed the important stuff.

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