Perhaps no show on television is more suited to the wonders of TiVo, or in my case, an Adelphia DVR/cable box, than the Academy Awards. Way too many commercials, long-winded speeches and statues for stuff nobody cares about… all can be quickly and easily forwarded away with the touch of a button. Plus you can pause on a particularly gorgeous outfit. Great for blogging. Or so I thought it would be.

My plan was to watch the telecast later (it's supposed to end at 8 pm) after I finished a story I'm working on but, I just checked and right now, with the show more than half way through, I realize it wasn't recording at all! Seems there was a “conflict,” ie my hubby was recording some damn college basketball game! Luckily most of the good stuff happens in the second half. Though I am kinda bummed I missed George Peorgey win best supporting actor.

Anyway, now I'm watching it and recording it, and there's some orchestral interlude going on. Pretty.

Even prettier, Selma Hayek in a peacock blue dress with an abstract neckline.

Viva las Latinas! After John Stewart's flat joke about Yitzak Pearlman (who conducted the musical presentation) “finger synching” he introduces Jessica Alba and Eric Bana. Alba is a vision in gold. And no matter what you think about her recent Playboy magazine controversy (I get where she's coming from but just because she's on the cover doesn't automatically make me assume she's neked inside… but then I'm not a horny man who reads Playboy) the gal's got an appeal that goes deeper than a pretty face and a hot bod.Regardless, she and Hayek are two of the sexiest and classiest actresses out there right now and, as a Latina, it's cool to see 'em up there reprezentin.'

I was able to record the red carpet stuff so I'll be back to put my two cents in about other starlet's ensembles tonight, but so far these two are the mucho-est caliente!

NEW UPDATE! Okay, I jusy saw Jennifer Lopez's green vintage number which fits her curvy figure like a fine glove. It evokes a Marilyn Monroe feel with it's layers and cinched waist, not suprising since she said in an interview that it's from the '50's. Never been a big J-Lo fan but tonight I gotta give it to her, she's perfection. Add Miss Lopez to the list of Latin lovelies who stole the show, style wise, tonight… But will she or Alba or Hayek make my Top 10? Wait and see…

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