I got some flack a while back after dissing (does anyone say dissing anymore? we probably shouldn't) the knit skull cap, a co-worker even wore one in defiance. But ever since the post, Colin Farrell hasn't worn his usual hollywood douchebag cap. Coincidence? Probably. First he was spotted in a fedora. I thought I'd be happy but it was worse, much worse. He paved Bogart paradise and put up a Federline parking lot. He managed to make the fedroa look desperate for attention. I can only imagine the hoards at haberdashers city-wide as all the hollywood “producers” rush to jump on Farrell's new bandwagon. But they'd be too late, Colin has already moved on to a newsboy. So, I guess, it's safe to wear knit skull caps, and fedoras again. If Colin's doing it, don't, that's the rule—The Farrell Factor.

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