Michael Todd of Coheed & Cambria, the once East Coast emo phenoms now worldwide arena rock stars, was arrested yesterday. Todd decided to add robbing a pharmacy for Oxycontin to his pre-show ritual, obviously the best time to try to pull a stunt like this:

After walking up to the pharmacy desk of a Walgreens in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Todd showed the pharmacist a note on his cell phone saying he had a bomb.

Then asked for six bottles of the hick heroin. A better bassist than criminal, he hailed a cab as a getaway car. The cab promptly delivered him straight to the police who were waiting for him at the Comcast Center, and Todd spent his set in a jail cell rather than on stage.

The band is currently on tour with Soundgarden and has a fill-in for the rest of the tour. We hope Michael Todd finds the help that he needs, and that Coheed & Cambria keep on churning out the epic albums and graphic novels.

LA Weekly