Back in November, we sounded a gleeful “soooooooweeeee” when we learned that Los Angeles was confirmed as a date for the travelin' pig-palooza known as Cochon 555. For the uninitiated, Cochon 555 is a massive party suffused with the scent of molten pork, which we'll take over a shot of anything. Five local chiefs spend a week turning one of five heritage breed hogs into an assortment of delicious dishes. On May 1st, at Vibiana downtown, ticket-buyers get to devour said dishes and quaff wines supplied by five special vintners. Local judges will name one of the chefs the winner and that lucky pig-wrangler will head off to the Grand Cochon competition set to take place on June 19th.

This year, the contestants are Suzanne Tracht of Jar, Octavio Becerra of Palate Food + Wine, Chad Colby of Mozza, Ben Ford of Ford's Filling Station, and Joshua Whigham of The Bazaar. As for the pigs, none have been named. Which chef will be paired with a lean, flavorful Red Wattle? Which will be charged with rendering the prized fat of a curly-haired Mangalitsa? Stay tuned for the details, but get your tickets as fast as you can.

LA Weekly