Cobrah Strikes at the Fonda: Swedish alt-dance-pop star Cobrah saw her stock rise through the roof in 2023, and thanks to the release of her long-awaited new EP Succubus, 2024 could be even more fruitful. The crowd at The Fonda Theatre on Saturday night was certainly in the mood to celebrate — pretty much everyone was dressed to impress and down to dance.

The stage setup was relatively simple; a raised platform with a big cross in the middle offered Cobrah a prop to dance and writhe around, which proved useful. She performed every song off of Succubus, although she didn’t get to it until the sixth song (“10/10”). Before that, she opened with a couple from her 2021 self-titled EP — “Dip and Drip” and “Debut.”

We got “IDFKA”  and “U Know Me” from 2021’s Icon, as well as scattered tracks such as “Tea” and, later, “Brand New B**ch.” But truthfully, it’s less about the individual songs and what record they’re pulled from, and more about the overall vibe. Which was wild.

A Cobrah show is an experience. A sex-positive, freeing, joyful experience that is glorious in its diversity and magical through its lack of restraint. And the Fonda crowd lapped up every bit of it. The combination of house, goth and BDSM culture in one hyperpop-meets-cyberpunk ball was as intense as it was a riot.

“Feminine Energy” was a hard highlight — a celebratory feminist anthem — while “Bad Position” makes epic use of vocal effects to create an otherworldly, robotic groan.

“Suck” sees Cobrah telling her boo exactly what she wants them to do, while “Good Puss” and “Mama” are appropriately manic set-closers.

The alt-pop sphere has a new queen.


COBRAH Setlist The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2024, Succubus world tour

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