Apparently, the Psychic Door is just a back entrance to the land of financial sodomy.

That, at least, seems to be the thinking of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, which says Psychic Door owner Cindy Uwanawich swindled a customer out of more than $9,000.

We're no psychic, but we could have seen one that coming from a mile away:

Deputies say 56-year-old Uwanawich, a.k.a. Cindy McKinney, told the victim she had a dead stalker, the spirit of someone who had drowned, and that for $9,000 and change, which would be returned, she could get rid of it.

Yeah, right.

According to a San Bernardino County Sheriff's statement:

Uwanawich told the victim she had the spirit of a person who had drowned attached to her and if she gave her nine pennies, nine nickles, nine dimes, nine quarters and $9,000.00 for nine days the spirit would be removed. The victim gave Uwanawich a large sum of cash with the promise it would be returned. Uwanawich did not retrurn the funds.

Like we said, a mile away …

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Needless to say, Uwanawhich was arrested over the weekend at her business in the 23000 block of Lake Drive in Crestline, deputies say.

She was booked on suspicion of embezzlement, authorities say, and held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Here's the thing: Deputies wonder if maybe Uwanawich has done this sort of thing before. Know something? Call detectives at 909-336-0600.

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