Los Angeles-based director Keith Schofield is back with another surrealist video for Canada's electrocheese funksers, Chromeo. Schofield is the man behind the fantastically bizarre Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck video for “Heaven Can Wait,” as well many other mind bending clips for artists like Supergrass, Fat Boy Slim, and Mims.

For Chromeo, Schofield filters the song “Don't Turn the Lights On” through his absurdist imagination, and brings the Canadian duo to a house party where a pair of eyeballs decide to escape the confines of a skull. The literally eye-popping video (see what I did there?) follows the orbs as they partake in an city-wide ocular adventure, all to the 80's-style synth stroking of Chromeo.

Lay your eyes on the video after the jump.

LA Weekly