In the past few years, a lot of serious potheads have switched from smoking marijuana to vaping concentrates like wax, which require the kind of heat that only can come from a butane torch.

Unlike regular lighters, butane torches are fairly large and awkward. So a company called Errlybird is selling fanciful polyurethane torches including ones shaped like an Ewok from Star Wars, Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, and the Grateful Dead dancing bear.

The best one, in our humble opinion? Notorious B.I.G.'s crowned head.


The torches go for $130 and are made by North Carolina's Hexxus Creations, which originally created most of its designs as trophies for the Secret Cup, a regional cannabis concentrate competition. 

Other designs include a skull with a gas mask, a voodoo doll, PeeWee Herman, a ukulele-playing turtle and several creepy creatures and pop-culture figures.

Oh, and Hexxus accepts custom torch art orders.

Errlybird got its start about 18 months ago with BudderBoxes, stackable, medical-grade silicone cases for storing concentrates and flowers. They started selling colorful torches wrapped in limited-edition stickers in March, and began offering the 3-D torches in April.

Creators Andrew Yoon, who lives in San Diego, and Bobby Ingram, who is finishing his final semester of college in Bloomington, Indiana, have found success in the growing market for products that cater to dabbers.

“We wanted something that was entertaining for people to use,” Ingram says.

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