Sometimes I get down about the internet. Like, really down. It's just always on. Always there. Always waiting with its vast quantities of crap information and its constant demand for more crap content. But then I remember the cats. Oh, the cats.

Such was the case last Friday when I learned about “catios,” and the internet redeemed itself. See this piece in the New York Times (via Apartment Therapy).

Etymologically, the word breaks down into “cat” and “patios.”

As in patios…for cats.

Which took me to this page, “Catio Showcase.” Which is a gallery of photos of cats and their elaborate, fenced-in catios and the insane devoted people who spend lots of time and money on their cats and catios. These people are sweet, truly, with their conflicting desires to keep their beloved cats safe and protected and unable to escape, yet still able to experience the outdoors and nature and feel the fresh wind ruffling their fur.

Control the cats. Free the cats.

Also, I love how when cat people come up with some clever idea, they inevitably come up with a fancy name for it, like catio. For dog people, it isn't doggio. It's just “outside.”

Credit: Photo courtesy of Catio Showcase

Credit: Photo courtesy of Catio Showcase

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