Notice how girls are doing a stellar job on OnlyFans? What they put out may appeal to many, but OnlyFans could always use more content from the boys! In fact, there are already a number of guys earning money from OnlyFans. And some ways that those guys make money on OnlyFans are similar to how women do it — sex sells.

Learn more about it below.

How Can Guys Make Money on OnlyFans?

Many are familiar with the mechanics of OnlyFans — you put out exclusive (and often adult) content, upload those, and then potentially make money from the platform. But even if you’re optimistic about earning money from OnlyFans, it can flop if you don’t know how to market yourself — and maintain your marketability.

To make money on OnlyFans, you can try using these tips:

1. The Content You Wish to Upload

Ask yourself:

“What can I upload that’s something that I’m a natural at, that’s unique, or one I’m passionate about?”

If you already know what you’re good at, and you’re willing to showcase it, then you already have a goal to set your eyes on! If you have assets you want to show off, you can upload pictures and videos of those. If you have partners whom you also team up with, you guys can record videos of yourselves doing the things and activities that people would enjoy watching.

2. The Audience You’re Targeting

Ask yourself:

“Will there be people who would want to see my content? What kind of people would find this interesting? Is my content appealing to men or women?”

People have various preferences and fetishes. On one hand, if you’re doing something that nobody else is doing, many would like to see it — as it’s unique. However, on the other hand, there might only be a very specific audience who will be interested in what you’re doing.

Some people have fetishes for specific body parts. For instance, many OnlyFans creators sell pictures of their feet. Other types of audiences prefer watching activities that don’t involve other people — where the uploaders only use toys and devices in their videos.

That said, if some like that you do things solo, there are also a handful of subscribers who would want to watch people with other parties involved — be it with another man, woman, or both; some like to see people doing raunchy acts with another man, men, woman, women, and so on. There will be no shortage of people who would want to watch specific types of videos and pictures that one can upload — you just have to know who you’re uploading your content for!

3. The Quality and Consistency of Your Uploads

Ask yourself:

“How often would people want to see new content from me? Will I be able to achieve that number — consistently?”

It’s one thing to know the content people want from you, but to know the frequency of your uploads is another. More content doesn’t necessarily mean more money. It’s already a given that you should upload must-see and high-quality content all the time.

Now, if you can’t guarantee that you’ll upload videos and pictures like that all the time, then it’s probably best that you should only do it when you’re able to. You have to find out how often you can give the audience what they ask for — and make sure you give them their money’s worth on every upload!

4. The Extent of Your Interaction With Your Fans

Ask yourself:

“Should I respond to their DMs? How often do I do it? How do I respond to them?”

The people who pay for your exclusive content (be it per one-off tips or PPV) are your best critiques and your inspiration for your future uploads. If they say they enjoy your videos and pictures, there’s no harm in telling them that you appreciate them subscribing to you! And if they’re one of the highest payers, you can also send them a picture or video that’s meant exclusively for them — they’d be happy to hear their own name being mentioned. This shows that they’re not just “fans,” “subscribers,” or “donors.”

5. Marketing Strategies You Should Consider

Ask yourself:

“How do I let more people know that I have an OnlyFans account so I can make more money from it?”

The best way to make money on OnlyFans is to let people know that you are on OnlyFans! Most people have social media accounts. Therefore, if you can create another account (or use your personal one), you can add the link to your OnlyFans account on your posts — people might chance upon that post when they browse their feed.

If you want to kick it up a notch and improve your chances of internet users stumbling upon your posts (where you have your OnlyFans account posted), you can use the advertising tools on these social media platforms. Depending on your budget, you can control how often your ad will pop up on people’s feeds. More often than not, these ads you wish to put out can also be targeted to specific people and viewers — like their age, sex, and which types of content they normally view on the internet.

However, how you advertise your OnlyFans is vital to your online success. It’s not enough that you let people know that you’re on OnlyFans. You can also upload (erotic or not) pictures of yourself to tease your potential subscribers. Give them a little “something” so they’d want to see more from you and/or your partners. Give them also a hint as to what kind of content you put out — be creative with your captions!

Who Are Some of the Men on OnlyFans That People Love to Subscribe to?

There are many OnlyFans users who found success uploading content on the platform. If you’re looking for ideas as to what OnlyFans can potentially bring you, here are a few of the fan favorites:

Nick Sandell

Nick Sandell is a 23-year-old fitness trainer who offers workout tips and training advice. You can get him to motivate you to be healthier for $7 of exclusive monthly content. Moreover, Nick Sandell offers a 31-day trial for $4.20. This OnlyFans fitspiration for a creator also livestreams every Sunday so people can get to know him better.

Alex Grant

Another OnlyFans favorite is Alex Grant — and his content is catered toward men who want to see some guy-on-guy action. In his profile, Alex Grant claims to be a “vers” (short for “versatile” — or someone willing to sometimes be both on the receiving and giving end of the deed). He offers adult videos of the said category for $9.99/month.


Lawrence or @lawrenceloadedx has a 0.8% worldwide page ranking on OnlyFans. He posts daily content where you can get updated on his life. When it comes to the exclusive adult videos one can find on his OnlyFans, Lawrence posts “extreme” types of adult escapades. Fans can take a glimpse of those for his offer of a $10.99/monthly subscription and a $6.04 31-day trial.

Lucas Hall

Lucas Hall is an OnlyFans creator whose adult videos contain him with both women and men — and sometimes, with more than one partner. He also offers one-on-one chats with his fans where you can ask him about anything. You can catch Lucas Hall having fun with his pals for $9.59/month.

Hayden Monteleone

As for videos centered towards solo acts, Hayden Monteleone built a following on OnlyFans by making content doing just that — having fun with himself and by himself. He also has an impressive physique, hence, why many love to subscribe to him. Most of his fans just enjoy looking at his body and the things he does to it for $9.95/month.

Do I Have to Be Famous to Make Money on OnlyFans?

You don’t have to be famous to become successful on OnlyFans. But seeing as some of the most followed men on OnlyFans have a consistent and interactive following, it goes to show how having great exposure and marketing can help reach out to more audiences.

Most of the top earners on the platform are women. But guys can make money on OnlyFans, too! OnlyFans is far from a platform that’s catered to heterosexual subscribers. Some male OnlyFans creators post content for straight, gay, and bisexual audiences — the nature of the content one can upload is limitless! As stated, people with different fetishes and preferences will look for content like those.

In Summary

There are plenty of ways guys make money on OnlyFans. Right now, the platform has more female creators but lots of people also seek uploads from men. As long as you consider the tips listed above, there’s an enormous chance that you can also earn money on OnlyFans — but it takes consistency, consideration, and dedication. But if you’re passionate about what you do, it shouldn’t take long before you get notified that there’s a subscription!

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