California tattoo shop owner Aryan Hopkins is hoping to beat the Guinness World Book Record for the most piercings in one session, according to KTLA News. Twenty-three-year old Hopkins plans to be pierced with 2,000 needles, 800 more than the current record of 1,200 piercings. He is set to attempt the feat on Saturday, June 26th.

“How often do you hear, 'Come and see someone get stabbed 2,000 times?'” Hopkins told CBS News.

According to Hopkins, it will take ten hours to have the 18-gauge, 2- inch needles inserted and removed. The piercings will be performed by fellow tattoo and piercing artist Paul Dunkieberger, who will insert the needles an eighth of an inch apart up and down Hopkin's body.

When needles are inserted into the skin for several hours, the skin tightens and bends the needles, which could lead to serious complications — and could even prompt Hopkins to pass out. A emergency medical technician will be on hand during the attempt.

“After we start taking this many needles out, he has a chance of significant blood loss,” Dunkieberger said.

Hopkins is turning the attempt into a charity fund raising event with people and businesses offering a 'per needle contribution.' The money raised will be donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

LA Weekly