And this, folks, is why you write things down: Sarlan Builders Inc. filed suit on Monday against Andrew Kirschner, former Iron Chef contestant and current chef and owner of the newly opened Tar & Roses restaurant, for allegedly breaching a verbal contract. According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, the lawsuit claims that Kirschner hired Sarlan Builders last April to make improvements to his Santa Monica restaurant. The company claims that it fully executed its side of the bargain, but is still owed at least $122,355 for services rendered.

Unsurprisingly, the lawsuit is turning into a bit of a he said-she said, with Tar & Roses releasing a statement to the SMDP accusing Sarlan of “delayed and incomplete work.” It plans to file its own suit against the construction company.

The life lesson here, naturally, is that drawing up written contracts for big projects like this probably is a good idea for everyone. It doesn't have to be formal; hell, it can be on the back of a napkin. Because most business relationships, like many marriages, can only benefit from a prenup.

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