The students of Sunnydale High's class of 1999 have gathered at the Cinerama Dome for their eight-year high school reunion. A demon is here. So is a vampire, a werewolf, one of the witches, an ex-cheerleader, the geeky class clown and of course, the slayer herself, Buffy Summers. Cast members from the dearly departed TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer are doing what they do best, which is to sit around and talk during a panel discussion hosted by the Paley Center for Media.

Above, the show's mastermind, Joss Whedon.

Buffy gave us much to love. The show constantly broke the rules and did things nobody else had ever done. A musical. An episode where nobody is allowed to speak. An episode with speaking only and absolutely no background sound. A kiss between two lesbian witches.

True stories of the present time: Gellar and Caulfield both just got back from charity work in Africa. Trachtenberg is going to be on Gossip Girl. Benson is writing books now; she sold a series of chick-lit fantasy novels to Penguin. Other people make it up as they go along. Green says he and Carpenter are producing a series of cardio-stripping/-fighting/-fitness videos.

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