While local singer and songwriter Britt Audrey wrote the song “Losing My Mind” some time before the current crisis unfolded, she quickly realized that it’s “eerily relevant to now.”

So she made use of her time in quarantine and put together a video that sums up how many of us are feeling right now. Opening with old clips of the artist and friends out and about, enjoying life, it quickly shifts to a view of her in isolation. Lying in bed, gazing longingly out of the window — it’ll be very familiar to most.

“This feeling that everything we’ve ever known has come to a screeching halt, crumbling before us, and as much as we might long for the life we knew before, there is no going back now that we’re here,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Tidal waves have visited me in my sleep this week. That’s what I always pictured with the chorus of this song. All of us, with our toes in the sand on a sunny day, unsuspecting of the massive wave hurtling our way, with a force that would shake us to the core, rip the pillars we’d built our lives around out of the earth until nothing was recognizable anymore.”

Check it out, and follow her at Facebook.com/britt.audrey.


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