Bringing Out The Potential of Virtual Reality Entertainment

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The demand for immersive entertainment has boomed in the past decade. At first, people were fascinated by escape rooms and other in-person immersive experiences. However, for many, this did not scratch their itch for high-quality immersive entertainment.

Enter a technology that once existed on the fringes of the gaming industry, but is now becoming a behemoth in its own right: virtual reality. Companies like Another World VR are pioneering virtual reality by delivering cutting-edge entertainment experiences.

The evolution of VR technology

According to Another World VR founder Vasily Petrenko, the company has its foundations in the early days of VR technology. “Everyone was talking about VR, but we didn’t find many high-quality projects in the field,” he says. “However, we were interested in free roam VR. It seemed like it was from the future — a no-limits, hyper-immersive virtual reality. Our first free roam VR demo was only 2 minutes long and made in 4 months, but it allowed us to get out first contracts. We sold something that didn’t yet exist, but we made it happen!”

Recent years have seen the underlying technology that powers virtual reality entertainment become much more complex. At first, virtual reality games were relatively simple, had low-quality graphics, and only lasted a few minutes.

Now, virtual reality entertainment is becoming much more massive in scope and scale, with gorgeous graphics, and longer experiences that last as much as 30 minutes. Indeed, the biggest restriction VR creators face is no longer the technology, but the user, as they have to ensure that the experience is not so long as to be overly tiring.

Another World VR is pioneering an approach to virtual reality entertainment they call “limitless VR.” In this type of immersive experience, players maneuver through the virtual environment by moving through a real-life space, known as the “Arena.” As a result, users do not experience the unwanted side effects like dizziness and disorientation that came with older VR games. There is no longer a disconnect between the mind thinking the body is moving while you remain still, as you will be in motion.

How Another World VR is revolutionizing the VR industry

One of the main advantages of the Arena is that it makes VR much more affordable compared to other virtual reality options. While other companies require anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million to open a location, it costs only $70,000 to open an Arena with Another World VR. Furthermore, the setup only takes 2-3 days for installation and optimization, meaning locations can quickly get up and running with their VR offerings. This makes Another World VR’s arenas a perfect match for locations that already have a large amount of available open space, such as family entertainment centers, malls, and bowling alleys.

Something particularly intriguing that Another World VR is doing is maximizing the use of the space. Although the company’s Arenas are single-floor locations, many of their games incorporate in-game teleports and elevators that allow players to “move” to a different floor in the virtual world, despite staying on the same level in the real world.

“We multiply the available space in the VR,” says Petrenko. “What might be a 1000 square foot arena in the real world could end up feeling like 6000 square feet in the virtual world.”

For businesses hoping to take the leap into offering VR entertainment for their customers, Another World VR offers franchising support that will help them be successful and quickly turn a profit. “We provide more than just the game content,” Petrenko explains. “You become our partner. We give you a marketing kit, design kit, branding materials, HR instructions, tech support and instructions, a booking system, a CRM system, and more — we do everything we can to make each Arena profitable for its owner and exciting for its customers.”

Another World VR’s offerings are also exciting because they allow users to play different games on the same hardware, making Another World VR’s technology conducive to repeat business. Franchises can offer multiple games in the same arena, or set up different games at different arenas, encouraging players to come back again and again to have new experiences. With a diverse array of games — including “Kernel: Confrontation”, “Ghost Mansion,” “Colony: Code Red,” “Shooter VR Arena,” “Safe Night,” “Island Assault,” and “Space Battle” — Another World VR offers something for everyone, whether they’re dipping their toes into VR for the first time or are experienced VR enthusiasts.

Still, Petrenko does not see the implications of Another World VR’s technology stopping with gaming. He also sees a future in which virtual reality is used in exciting — perhaps even profound — ways.

“After we open thousands of Arenas around the world, we can become VR cinemas,” Petrenko explains. “We can translate different content there — educational, training, and more. But for now, we want to make the best VR experience on the entertainment market, and grow from there.”

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