Louis Verdad's show didn't really have a theme. There was no through line for the collection, other than all of the pieces being really pretty, flouncy, and decidedly 40's. No one does dainty lady like Verdad. Only problem is, it seems like that's all he's been doing for the past few seasons. Pantsuits, pencil skirts and floppy hats. It's kind of become predictable and a little boring. And there was a lot of beige. Beige is just so safe, it's hard to look sexy in beige. (Though there were splashes of lavender and spring green, and his evening collection had lots of color). I just felt on the whole the collection looked a little too Stepford Wife-y.

Louis Verdad, the crowd

Oh Toni! Toni Basil, of Oh Mickey fame (how many times did you rollerskate to that song?) sat front and center at Louis Verdad. She kind of looked exactly how I remembered. What's her secret? She said she dances every day and stays out of the sun…oh and has a great skin doctor…

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