Attention nerds who collect things and eBay store owners who sell to nerds who collect things: Jones Soda Co. has partnered with Dark Horse Comics for the release of six limited edition Emily the Strange soda labels. For the uninitiated: Emily the Strange is a quasi-punk goth type cartoon/alternative fashion icon to millions to preteen girls. She's so anti-cool that she's cool (again, that's to preteen girls), and her paraphernalia has single-handedly kept Hot Topic in business. The Emily empire has grown from underwear to eyeliner, trade paperbacks to a series of young adult novels, and now, an Emily the Strange movie, which we assume is causing this newest blitz of Emily collectables.

The soda comes in three different flavors: pure cane cola, strawberry lime, and cream soda. Not that that really matters, since they're all part of the standard repertoire of Jones flavors, and why would you drink a soda with a limited edition label when you could just drink a regular one? They've also completely sold out online, which is awesome for you, because you live in the same city as the best, if not the only place where you can still grab a few bottles: the Emily the Strange pop up shop Royal/T cafe. Pick up a six pack before the shop closes on November 11th, and think of it as an investment, more sound than either baseball cards or American real estate.

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