Bill Murray Appreciation Day

The many faces of Steve Zissou at Bill Murray Appreciation Day; Credit: Gendy Alimurung

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The first Los Angeles Bill Murray Appreciation Day, or BMAD, happened this past weekend on a cold, drizzly Saturday evening. (Saturday was also Groundhog Day, of course.) How exactly did Bill Murray get his own day of appreciation, you ask? Credit goes to 27-year old USC graduate film student Christopher Guerrero and his producers Will Goldstein and Colin Reeves-Fortney. Guerrero really wants Murray to star in his thesis film.

Unfortunately, Bill Murray is just about the most difficult actor to track down. He has no publicists. He has no agents. For a while, the only way to contact him was via a 1-800 number connected to an answering machine. Guerrero hoped to catch the actor's attention by giving him his own holiday.

Some 30 or so people met, in costume, at the Vista Theater on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, then proceeded on a pub crawl. The Life Aquatic Bill Murray was by far the most popular Murray, followed by a bunch of What About Bobs, one of whom even had a (fake) goldfish in a jar around his neck.

A goldfish made out of...carrot?

A goldfish made out of…carrot?

No, Bill Murray did not turn up.

To sign the petition to make Bill Murray Appreciation Day an official United States holiday, visit

If you are Bill Murray and would like a role in a student thesis film, call Christopher Guerrero at (213) 207-6812. He estimates “two days of shooting time, tops.”

See also:

*Slideshow — Bill Murray Appreciation Day

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