We asked: What did you used to do that you don't anymore? Answers:

“Be a tease.” —F, 23, artist 

“Be a prude.”  —M, 26, web designer

“Keep calling.” —F, 32, bartender

“Fuck married guys.” —F, 38, editor

“Have sex with more than one person in one night.” —F, 23, nanny

“Make out on the dance floor.” —F, 29, marketing

“Lie as often.” —M, 27, public relations

“Anal sex.” [By far the most common answer.]

“Fantasize. I make it happen, bitches.” —F, 24, assistant

“Pick my nose and eat it.” —F, 24, actor

“I used to shave my balls.” —M, 32, banker

“I used to have a trust fund.” —M, 29, bartender

“Get girls pregnant.” —M, 32, analyst

“Act apologetic.” —M, 24, unemployed 

“Put up with too much bullshit.” —F, 28, costume designer [Some bullshit is OK.]

“Sleep.” —F, 26, student

“Cry.”  —M, 36, teacher

“Fall in love.” —F, 45, band manager

“Trust.” —M, 26, computer engineer

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