Top 10 Big Dick Trans OnlyFans & Hottest Big Cock Trans OnlyFans 2023

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Are you interested in finding out just how big that trans girl’s cock is underneath that skirt? Well, we have found several big dick trans OnlyFans chicks who are ready and willing to show you what they are packing and what they can do with it. Their content is sexy, and it feels a little taboo as well, which we love. They are naughty, they are dirty, and they love to show off their big fat hog to their fans. 

Are you ready to watch these girls stroke and rub their huge dicks all night long? Do you want to see a pretty little thing in a bra and panties with a big bulge between their legs? We have found ten of the most tantalizing trans girls out there and are ready to share our list with you now. These girls like to get hard and cum thick ropes all over their partners and themselves. Read on to see who we have chosen as the top big cock trans OnlyFans girls of 2023.

Best Big Cock Shemale OnlyFans featured this month

Best Big Dick Trans OnlyFans 2023

  1. Alexis Healy – Pretty Big Cock Trans OnlyFans College Student
  2. Angel Delight – Slim, Hung Turkish Trans Babe
  3. Natalie Mars – Filthy Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Model
  4. Rae – Gorgeous All Natural Sexy Big Dick Trans Fun
  5. Luisa Tavares – Pretty and Discreet Hot Big Dick Trans Girl
  6. TS Ari Chanel – Hardcore Big Cock Trans OnlyFans Collabs and More
  7. Meowriza – Big Butt and Boobs Hot Big Dick Trans Woman
  8. TS Emma Rose – Award Winning Best Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Page
  9. TS Lirabae – French Big Cock Trans OnlyFans Girl
  10. Kendall Penny – Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Goddess of Sodomy

Best 10 Big Dick Trans OnlyFans

#1. Alexis Healy – College Girl with a Huge Cock



  • 900+ media files
  • $19.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Alexis Healy is a pretty college student, a fashion model, and a big cock trans OnlyFans super star. Her account includes exclusive original content that you cannot find elsewhere. Alexis is always online doing a whole lot of sexting, dick rating, and messaging with her fans, which is probably why she has become the top 0.08% of all creators online. 

There is always something happening on her page, including games and promos, and when you subscribe you get instant access to her huge back catalog of pictures and videos that you will not want to miss out on. Alexis is a really pretty young thing who looks great in body suits, thigh-high tights, and other sweet and feminine clothing. You will love to watch her get down and dirty in her nudes and cute outfits. 

#2. Angel – Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Turkish Delight



  • 850+ likes
  • 70+ media files
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

An all-around Aussie beauty, Angel is slim with an hourglass figure and B-Cup boobs. She’s got a big hung cock and pretty porcelain skin. She is in her early 20s, and is super open minded and fetish friendly, giving her fans what they most want to see with her sexy solos, and fun collabs with other creators getting fucked and fucking, sucking each other off, and more. 

She loves to chat, and tries to incorporate custom pics and vids into her schedule when she can, so if you want to watch a big dick trans OnlyFans girl do something specific, you can always ask Angel! She is very friendly with a relaxed and open personality, and is pretty open to talking to first timers and experienced people alike, so there is no need to be shy about asking for exactly what you want. Her aim is to fulfill your fantasy, even if it includes pretty specific fetish stuff. 

#3. Natalie Mars – Gorgeous Trans Anal Size Queen



  • 850+ media files
  • $14.99

Where to Follow:

Natalie is beautiful, with a pretty face and a lovely body, and on her page she posts daily exclusive NSFW content, and she loves to make customs and sext in her DMs, and she sells items like worn panties to her biggest fans. Natalie describes herself as an anal size queen and an all-around filthy piggy, so you know things get crazy behind closed doors with this big dick trans OnlyFans star. Join her page now to see exactly what she gets up to with her friends and lovers. We can see just by the description of her latest free video available to her fans that she loves to get bent over and pounded by her mistress wearing a huge strap on. Wow! 

#4. Rae – Trans Video Call Goddess



  • 750+ media files
  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

This hot big dick trans girl is in the top 0.2% of all creators on all of OnlyFans because not only is her page completely free to subscribe, but it is also filled with tantalizing and teasing daily posts, a rock hard cock, and pretty selfies and dick pics you will be drooling over in no time. She takes requests, makes customs, and does cock ratings and video calls for her best paying fans, so make sure you send her a big tip and she will let you see her big tip one on one, if you know what we are saying. 

Get to know the real Rae as you chat, or simply tell her all about what you would like her to do to you with that big fat cock. I bet she’d love to hear all about it. If you have fun with her on her page, send a tip her way to let her know you appreciate the work she is putting into her page, and then giving it away to horndogs like you! She deserves a little treat.

#5. Luisa Tavares – Free Big Dick Trans Adult Entertainer



  • 94.2K fans
  • 400+ media files
  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

We cannot believe that Luisa’s page is completely free to subscribe, because she is still giving her fans free hot content with sensual pics, full-length videos, and more, with up to three new videos sent directly to your DM every week. She’s slim and sexy, with big round boobs, long flowing hair, and thick thighs, along with a big, curved cock. 

That is a whole lot of value for no extra cash, so we recommend sending Luisa a big tip or a gift from her Amazon Wishlist to say thank you for her service! Some of the fun items you can get for her range from pretty phone cases to other nice gifts that let you show your appreciation for all the times she has made you cum. 

#6. TS Ari Chanel – Trans Girl Orgies and More



  • 300+ media files
  • $7.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Ari Chanel promises that she will always “get the job done”, and by that she means shooting hot loads of cum onto or into herself and others. Some of her most popular hardcore scenes show her in a MFFF orgy, masturbating, anal sex, and a triple trans blowjob video. 

Subbing to her page will get you one on one sexting and messaging for free, two or three brand new nude and semi-nude pics directly to your feed, two new solo scenes per week, access to over 300 past scenes, and the option to pay to unlock over 40 videos of Ari with other trans girls. 

Ari has a linked to her Amazon Wishlist and akss to be spoiled with all kinds of tech gadgets, snacks, pet products, and other nice presents that she would truly appreciate receiving from a loyal fan like you. 


#7. Meowriza – Best Free Big Dick Trans Girl Page




  • 104.7K fans
  • 1.8K+ media files
  • Free to subscribe

Where to Follow:

There is not much information on Meowriza’s page to tell you about, but what we do know is that she is a pretty BBW trans girl with big tits, a huge butt, and a hard cock. This big dick trans Onlyfans girl is very cute, with kissable lips and a wicked sense of humor, and it is free to subscribe to her page so why not join the 104K+ other horny fans of Meoriza and find out what kind of content she is posting on her page. We can’t wait to see what this hot big dick trans girl is all about.

#8. TS Emma Rose – 2023 AVN/XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year



  • 18.2K fans
  • $741K+ likes
  • 3.4K+ media files
  • $7.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Interactive and sweet, Emma Rose enjoys talking to her fans one on one in her DMs and getting to know you as a person. She is a big dick trans OnlyFans girl who has won multiple awards for her content including the 2023 AVN and XBIZ trans performer of the year, and the 2023 AVN best trans group scene award. With accolades like that, what else do we need to tell you? Oh yeah, she is super pretty, she loves to show off in a bikini, she got black market surgery on her ass, and we know that you are going to enjoy her pictures and videos very much.

#9. TS Lirabae – Dirty Big Cock French Girl



  • 650+ media files
  • Free to subscribe


If you have ever been curious about what happens on a hot big dick trans OnlyFans page but were not ready to pay money to subscribe and find out, then you are in luck because TS Lirabae is offering her content for free. That’s right, it costs zero dollars to join her page now. Get a taste of her hot porn content when you sign up, and then enjoy the pay per view options when you are ready to see more. Lirabae doesn’t say much on her page, but from what we can see she is a dark-skinned brown-haired goddess with a huge cum-filled cock, and she is online now and waiting for you to subscribe to her addictive content.

#10.Kendall Penny – Big Cock Trans OnlyFans Straight Man Seductress



  • 1.3K fans
  • 3K+ media files
  • $14.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Kendall Penny is a southern trans domme goddess who prides herself in her ability to seduce straight men, closet cases, beta boys, married men, and sissies, taking their virginities and enjoying raw fetish play in front of the camera for you. We put her as the last content creator on our list because her page is so intriguing and unapologetically dirty that we thought you would like to leave this article with Kendall still on your mind. 

She is a vers top so you get to watch her fuck and get fucked. When you sub to her page you are given access to over 30 free full-length cumshot clips, and you can watch hundreds of videos and enjoy thousands of pictures. For an even more interactive and personal time with Kendall, feel free to request dick rating, custom content, or a virtual date. She uploads new stuff daily, making this your new favorite account to follow.


Frequently Asked Questions About Big Dick Trans OnlyFans

What Defines a Trans Female?

Have you read through this entire article without being sure what a big dick trans OnlyFans girl really is? We are ready to enlighten you now. A woman who was assigned the male gender at birth but who lives as a woman today is called a transgender person, or “trans”. It is a very common occurrence for parents and doctors to assign a gender to a baby based on their genitals and raise them as such, or if a baby is intersex, the adults in their life will simply choose a gender at birth. Sometimes the choice these adults made is not the correct one, and the child will grow up feeling odd or “wrong” in some way, until they come to understand that they do not identify with their assigned gender.

Some are lucky enough to figure it out as a child or young teen and live in an accepting household or community that supports them, while others may not understand their feelings completely until later in life, or they may try to suppress their true self because of their culture or upbringing. The big dick trans OnlyFans girls we have showcased in our list are happily expressing their true selves, their bodies, and their sexuality through hot pics, delicious and daring videos, and livestreams with their subs, and we are happy to be here to enjoy it all with them.

What Are Other Words for Transgender?

Some common keywords that have been used in searches for trans people on OnlyFans include “huge cock shemale onlyfans” “big dick tranny OnlyFans” and “hung shemale onlyfans”. The words shemale, tranny, heshe, and ladyboy are not appropriate terms to use, even though they are still common in pornography sites. People who are transgender do not wish to be othered (as none of us would). 

Trans women are women, so terms like “shemale”, “heshe” or “ladyboy” take away their womanliness and imply that they are still male. Words like tranny or calling trans people terrible things like “it” are ignorant and rude, and can really hurt somebody’s feelings. If you are not sure what to say about a person’s gender, you can always choose to say nothing, or you can ask their pronouns or just call them by their name and use the gender neutral pronoun “they” instead of trying to guess.

Can You Be Tracked on OnlyFans?

It is easy to stay anonymous on OnlyFans. You can create your account using a pseudonym, and you do not need to upload a picture to the site at all. This way, creators will not be able to see who you are at all. They cannot access your email address, nor can they see your credit card information. The only thing that shows on the performer’s account is the screen name you chose for yourself, and how much money you have spent on their subscription fees and their pay per view content (so don’t try to lie to them about what you’ve paid! 

They can see it all.) To further protect your identity, avoid posting or messaging about your town, your job, your name, your family, or any other personal information. You can even start using a VPN to add another layer of security, as it will mask your IP address so nobody, not even hackers, will be able to track where you are in the world. VPNs are also great for those countries where OnlyFans is banned (or so we have heard).

Is it Safe to Use Credit Cards on OnlyFans?

If you are ready to subscribe to your favorite big dick trans OnlyFans star, then you will have to use your credit card to pay. The site does not accept any other forms of payment as of 2023, but not to worry. It is very safe to use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or another card on the site. New security features ensure it is just as safe as any other website, or even more so.

 If you are worried about the people in your life like your spouse finding out that you are buying content from big cock trans OnlyFans girls, that is another issue. The words OnlyFans or OF often show up on bank statements when you buy pics, videos, and customs from hot big dick trans porn stars, so to keep this issue from coming up around the dinner table after your credit card bill comes in, you can always sign up for the site using a prepaid card like a Visa gift card or one of the Vanilla prepaid card. That way, your bank stays out of your private business as you jerk off to the best big dick trans OnlyFans pages.

Can OnlyFans see Screenshots?

OnlyFans cannot see screenshots. We know that there is information out there that says otherwise, but it is not true. If you take a screen grab, they will not be able to tell. Now, that does not mean that it is ok to steal content from all the big dick trans OnlyFans girls you are following. It is not a free-for-all, and you should especially not be sharing their pictures elsewhere. 

They are posting their exclusive content with the intention of making money, and if people can just get it for free from you, why would they go to OnlyFans and pay for it? If you really want to use one of their pictures for something then you can message the individual creator and ask. They will likely want payment for the rights to their images, but many are likely to say yes to you using it. 

This is the respectful way to approach using a person’s intellectual property. If you steal and use their stuff, and they find out, they have the right to legal recourse, which could get costly for both of you. It is best not to risk it. Just ask!

What is the Average Income for Big Dick Trans OnlyFans Performers?

Depending on the type of content being posted, the amount of work and promotion a person does for their page, the quality of content, and the overall user experience on the page, some big dick trans OnlyFans girls can make upwards of ten thousand dollars a month. 

That is not the norm, though, and the average is actually very low, at around $160 USD per month. The amount you earn completely depends on your ability to grow your own fan base, which takes time and effort. Even if you have the hottest big dick trans OnlyFans content ever, if nobody can find your page then you will not make the big bucks. 

Joining social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok and posting mostly SFW teaser content there will help you find like minded individuals and other interested potential subscribers. Make sure you like your OnlyFans account properly, and watch the new subs come rolling in. 

Posting regularly, with good, high quality pictures, clips, and other interesting content will keep people coming back for more, and make them more likely to want to see what else you have to offer. Even though your Insta page is not the one making you the money directly, you will want to keep it updated regularly with cute pictures that make your followers want to see more of you. 

Oh yeah, and make sure you interact with the people on those sites as well. Every comment and like on your photo, every retweet, and every message on Reddit can turn into money on your OnlyFans account. 

What Kind of Content is Not Allowed on OnlyFans?

You cannot post underage people at all, nor can you post anything that would be illegal (guns, drugs, or any content that does not belong to you). You also cannot post other people’s information on OnlyFans. Some other content that is not allowed includes violence, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and illegal erotic content. 

There are some banned bodily fluids (urine, feces, vomit), and no escort or prostitution services can be provided. Revenge porn is obviously not allowed, and neither are deepfakes and other non-consensual objectification including damaging imagery and language not consented to by the person shown in the pics and videos. No hate content, discrimination, self-harm, or harassment is allowed either.

These rules are put into place to protect the viewers and the content creators. To avoid being banned from the site, it is best to read carefully over the terms of use before posting anything that you may think is questionable.

We thought it would be difficult to find ten trans girls with big fat cocks but boy were we wrong. There are actually hundreds of women on the site who are happy to show off their bulges and their balls. Some have big fake tits, while others have curvy butts, and others are petite little trans sluts just waiting for someone to suck their dick.


Whatever you are into, there are big dick trans teens and cougars out there ready to do that thing you like as you watch from your computer screen. Now go on and subscribe to all of their pages. They are ready to show you how hard they can make you cum. You’re welcome!


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