You may be thinking, “Fashion, really? Really, you're going to talk fashion?” Yes, yes we are.

Metal fans may not come off as fashion hungry individuals but let's get one thing clear, t-shirts matter. Some can cost a fortune to hunt down, others may embody the best night of your life, but whatever the reason, we all have a few in the collection that are as important as any pair of Jimmy Choo shoes out there.

Here are some of the most frequent, impressive and WTFs of the day–so far.

Vests, they're a blank canvas. Many dedicated hours of finding the perfect patches and attaching them just so go into every vest.

Who needs a shirt when you have this tattoo?

The family that Slayers together …

Most of the shirts around were from one of the actual Big 4; of course there was a peppering of black metal and prog metal shirts. Then there was this guy, Mr Ministry.

Just a little further to the best dressed…

Best shoes of the day goes to:

The only Sunset Strip guys we could find, come on, we know there's more of you out there, where are you hiding?

But the number one, most common and best dressed would be:

Dripping in bad assery:

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