Yanuk featured models in denim corsets, skinny jeans, and wild frayed coats. And remember the tuck and roll of the 80s? You know where you folded your jeans in at the ankle and rolled it up nice and tight? It appears the tuck and roll has evolved, Yanuk's designer used safety pins to make the slim line. Models donned chain head bands, giving the whole

thing a Mad Max vibe kind of crossed with Cyndi Lauper if she was to be drained of all her color. Again, the color palatte was drab and sooty. Apparently denim goes chimney sweep this year. The designers wife was booted from the second row to make room for a bunch of nobodies, who were almost booted for a sorta somebody, ice skating queen Tara Lipinski, who I am dubbing the Paris Hilton of LA Fashion Week, she was

everywhere. Speaking of Paris, Alex, the Faux Paris was at the show getting photographers all excited until they swarmed around her and realized, “wait her boobs are too big! That's not Paris!” Scott Weiland was there too, with his date Mary. I asked him what he thought of the show, he paused and said “I like the leather.” Weird thing is, I don't remember seeing any leather…

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