A 100 percent vegan street taco that can hold its own against even the tastiest in L.A.? Yes, it exists, and it can be found in a sky-blue trailer with the words Plant Food for People, every Tuesday morning and afternoon in Highland Park. It's OK to be a skeptic when first trying out Jeremy and Genise Castañeda's meaty, seared, plant-based alternative to carnitas, served on a locally made, organic, yellow corn tortilla — just don't get pissed when you hear us saying, “Told you so!” Genise admits that her secret recipe was born out of desperation after a night of drinking at the local bars: “I went vegan and realized that I couldn't eat my usual late-night tacos anymore!” Instead of taking the easy way out and giving up her beloved tacos altogether, Genise made a marinade for green jackfruit that matched the sazón of the tacos that she used to gorge on. In addition to roving all over Northeast L.A. and downtown (follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates), Plant Food for People sets up every Tuesday morning at Civil Coffee and Tuesday afternoon at the Highland Park Old L.A. Farmers Market.

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