Is there any pizza that isn't, in some way, stoner pizza? Perhaps not. Yet Pizza of Venice has turned the stoner pie into particularly awesome art, beginning with free-form crust (“Each pizza is like a snowflake”) and extending to the toppings, which range from “expected” to “off-the-wall.” Once you get off the wall, you'll find Korean fried chicken pizza, or braised lamb with rosemary pesto and grape leaves. It actually tastes great, whether you're under the influence or not. Add to that the soundtrack to the sunny, outsider art–adorned Altadena shop — generally reggae of some sort — and you'll see that Pizza of Venice has taken the promise of pot-inspired pizza to whole new heights. —Besha Rodell

2545 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Altadena, 91001. (626) 765-9636,

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