When Hot 92.3 changed formats last February and cut Art Laboe from the schedule, L.A. listeners collectively lost their shit. Fortunately, 93.5 FM KDAY brought back the veteran DJ, who has been an L.A. radio fixture for decades. At 90, Laboe still provides a unique service on the FM dial. His emphasis on dedications gives people the means to connect through songs, frequently love songs, that span generations. The slow jams from your middle-school years butt up against ballads from your parents' (maybe even your grandparents') youth. Piecing it all together are fragments of stories from lonely hearts, separated loved ones and celebrating families. As songs by artists ranging from Beyoncé to Thee Midniters play through the evening, we listen and wonder about the lives and loves of the folks behind the requests. By making us care about heartbroken folks we've never met and feel happiness for strangers celebrating a milestone, Laboe connects us all.

KDAY, 93.5 FM, Sundays, 6 p.m.-midnight. (800) 681-2121, 935kday.com.

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