You'll never know who you'll see in the Monty Bar's DJ booth during Pure Trash's free Friday-night parties. Take, for example, the night that London May (Samhain) and Tommy Victor (Danzig) played the event; it didn't take long for Glenn Danzig himself to join them. Promoted by Lethal Amounts, a nearby gallery and shop that specializes in band merch and rock-related art, the party has booked DJ sets from such hard-rockin' icons as Jennifer Finch of L7, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jerry Casale of Devo. Musically, the party reflects the guests on the bill; you're likely to hear a mix of garage, glam and punk tunes throughout the night. The Monty, which is a few doors away from Teragram Ballroom, is spacious enough to keep patrons from feeling uncomfortable, even when it's a busy night.

LA Weekly