Record Jungle is not the place to visit when you know exactly what you want on your turntable. The Whittier Boulevard record store should, however, be your destination when you can dedicate at least an hour to flipping through the bins. Yes, you will absolutely need the surprises that you find hidden amidst Record Jungle's vinyl overgrowth. That 12-inch dance single of a song you last heard in the 1980s? That's yours now. The overlooked sophomore album from a band whose sole major hit you heard far too often? Yeah, you need that, too. The obscure funk band who you're certain was sampled on one of your favorite hip-hop tracks? Grab it! It's pretty easy to get carried away inside this store, so stick to a budget if you can, even though the prices are fairly reasonable as far as L.A.-area shops are concerned. There are temptations aplenty hidden in those bins.

LA Weekly