Despite the fact that Hollywood Boulevard is a place where many people find themselves stumbling around drunk late at night, until now we would have been hard-pressed to heartily recommend late-night food to help with that drunkenness. But all of that changed earlier this year when Crying Tiger opened a takeout window on the side of Black Rabbit Rose, the new nightclub from the Houston Brothers. Crying Tiger is operated by the same folks who own Luv2Eat Thai, one of Thai Town's best restaurants, and they bring the same level of heat and funk to the food here. For $9, you can get an order of drunken noodles that are exactly the sticky/sweet/spicy thing you need at 1 a.m. after a few too many Manhattans at Musso & Frank. Dumplings, fried rice and papaya salad are all excellent, cheap and fun to eat while standing on the sidewalk among your fellow revelers. If more of Hollywood was like this, we'd drink there far more often.

LA Weekly