In a town like Los Angeles, where every other waiter or Lyft driver is an aspiring singer, karaoke bars can be intimidating. Hell, some karaoke bars even have real artists showing up undercover, like when Jewel dropped in at the Gaslite in Santa Monica a few years back. So what about people who just want to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in public but don’t sound quite like Freddie Mercury? Luckily, there’s one karaoke bar that offers the best of both worlds: Cafe Brass Monkey. Located behind a Bank of America and next to a sports club, the Brass Monkey attracts singers with amazing voices that will blow you away, but its low-pressure atmosphere makes it a safe space for those not able to hit the high notes. The place isn’t huge, so get there early on weekend nights if you want to sign up to sing. Even if you have to wait a while, the people-watching — and listening — are just as thrilling as taking the stage.

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