As a microcosm of Southeastern Europe, Glendale is perhaps unsurprisingly home to a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of Georgia. The tiny Caucasus country is squeezed between Russia and the Middle East, and its food reflects its location. The staple is the khinkali, Georgian dumplings formed from much thicker skin than their Chinese counterparts and stuffed with a spicy beef filling that makes the tongue shiver with joy. The khinkali should be followed by ostry beef, a savory tomato-based stew, or ojakhuri, a dill-heavy dish of tender fried pork and potatoes. On the side, go for the popular khachapuri, which is like a Georgian pupusa with strong cheese, or the borsch (beet soup). The food is hearty, so wait for a rainy day, or at least until you're really hungry, and let this tiny storefront in the Valley fill you with the warm flavors of the Caucasus.

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