Instagram may be inundated with food pics, but let's face it, some of them look like they were taken on your parents' old BlackBerry. When we need a trusty food-porn fix, we turn to @Hangrydiary, an expertly curated account that gives us an inside look into some of the most decadent, adorable and drool-inducing dishes in L.A. and across the Pacific. L.A.-based sisters and jetsetters Jocelyn and Justine Wong have an eye for detail, snapping photos that make us linger a bit longer, like that seductive cheese-pull or mesmerizing chocolate drizzle. Their posts run the gamut — Hello Kitty dim sum, lobster feasts, and bowls of khao soi noodles. We rarely get to see their faces in their posts (the focus is on the food here!), but we can always spot their well-manicured nails, sporting Cookie Monster or Mickey Mouse designs. It adds that human touch, and lets us know that the Wong sisters are right there with us as we peer into their culinary diary.

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