Best CBD of 2021: What to Look for and the 5 Top Brands to Try 

So, you’ve heard all the hype about CBD and you’re thinking of trying it to see if it can bring you a sense of calm and balance, too. Or maybe you’re already a CBD devotee and looking for reviews of the best brands of 2021. Whatever the case, we’re glad you’re here. From topical CBD products for pain to CBD for sleep, the universe of products using this powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid is vast. Knowing a few really stand-up brands (and what makes them the best) will help you choose CBD oils and/or CBD capsules that are best for you. 

Here’s a snapshot of the 2021’s top 5 CBD brands, but read on to learn about our criteria and what makes each brand awesome. 

  1. HempFusion Broad-Spectrum CBD Capsules and Oil Tinctures
  2. For The People 27% CBD Green Tea
  3. CBDistillery Sleep CBD Gummies
  4. Toast Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract – Cinnamon 
  5. Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax CBD Gel Capsules

What sets the best CBD brands apart from the rest?

Well, a lot of things, actually. When it comes to browsing brands and unpacking which actually offer the best CBD, it’s important to look at farming and manufacturing practices, compliance standards, and so much more. All CBD brands aren’t created equally, which means that now more than ever, consumers need to do their research and support the brands that are setting the bar for what this young industry should look like. 

High-quality CBD oils exist, and choosing to support those brands will force those who cut corners to either phase out or step up and start creating a product to be proud of. So let’s take a look at the difference between full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum CBD, what defines the best CBD brands, and the top 5 best CBD brands and products you’ll want to try out today! 

What’s the Difference Between Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD?

First, it’s important to understand a few basics of “hemp oil”. Many products contain hemp oil and hemp extract, and while these often contain CBD, the only way to know for sure is by looking at the third-party lab results provided with the product. If there are no third-party lab results, it’s better to find a different oil. The only way to truly know what compounds have landed in a hemp and/or CBD oil is through testing. (As we’ll get into, each brand on this list does, in fact, offer vision into their third-party lab testing.)

When you’re shopping for hemp-derived CBD, you may also notice that some products say  broad-spectrum CBD or full-spectrum CBD. Is there a difference between all of these? 

Let’s break it down. 

  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil is when the oil has all of the beneficial array of cannabinoid compounds from the hemp plant, except for THC, which has been removed to keep the product below the federally legal limit of 0.3% delta-9 THC. Thus, it contains all the major and minor cannabinoids, along with terpenes, flavonoids, and other goodies you wouldn’t want to strip away from your oil. 
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil is pretty close to broad-spectrum. But, as you may have guessed, it contains all the major cannabinoids, including delta-9 THC. So you may wonder if it’s legal to purchase full-spectrum CBD oil. In most cases, when you can verify through third-party lab testing, it is also legal due to the brands ensuring that THC amount doesn’t climb higher than the 0.3% federal limit. 

What Defines the Best CBD Brands

If you want to understand what defines the best CBD brands, you have to be willing to dig deep into the brand’s practices. But luckily, we’ve done all the heavy lifting to ensure they go above and beyond for meeting compliance, quality, and customer standards. Our list of the 5 best CBD brands below will tell you everything you need to know. 

So let’s look at 3 essential factors that we think make up the best CBD brands that are genuinely invested in your health and wellness. 

The best CBD comes from a transparent supply chain.

How do we know this? Because the supply chain is transparent. The brand tells you everything every step of the way. There are no secrets because all processes are on the up-and-up. Transparency is wonderful when it comes to farming practices, good manufacturing practices, and also testing procedures to make sure you’re getting the best stuff. 

CBD oils are either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum.

When looking for the best CBD, you want to find a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil. As noted above, this ensures that you’re getting all the plant goodness that would otherwise be lost in other types of oils that contain only CBD. It’s also worthwhile to investigate how the oil is processed. Some methods damage the properties of the hemp plant and create a subpar oil that you don’t really want in your body. 

This leads us to the final consideration when determining the best CBD brands. 

Third-party lab testing and results are always available.

Third-party lab testing is a must. It really is. If you’re looking to buy high-quality CBD oils, you have to see the lab results or Certificate of Analysis to determine what’s inside the product. There’s no other way to know what’s inside it. Testing lets you see the cannabinoid profile and offers reassurances that there are no pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or residual solvents in your precious CBD oil. 

Now… let’s take a look at the 5 best CBD oils you’ll want to try ASAP!

5 Best CBD Products and Oils to Try in 2021

HempFusion Broad-Spectrum CBD Capsules and Oil Tinctures 

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From soil to oil, HempFusion has succeeded at creating a CBD formula that keeps the plant compounds as close to their original state as possible while also setting new industry standards on self-regulation, best practices, and transparency. 

All of their CBD products are made with their organically produced whole-food hemp extract, and their oil tinctures are USDA certified organic. They extract their hemp oils using a slow, solvent-free CO2 extraction method that creates some of the purest CBD around. On top of that, every product is third-party, ISO-certified lab tested to make sure that you’re getting the absolute best CBD for your body. 

You can purchase Hempfusion’s Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures and capsules right here

For The People 27% CBD Green Tea

If you’re looking for a different way to consume CBD, this For The People 27% CBD Green Tea may be just what you’re after. Sitting down to a cuppa hot tea is a lovely way to start your day, especially with the addition of ginseng, which can help support energy. This probably isn’t the tea for you right before bed, but it can be a powerful boost to help you focus throughout the day. 

For The People 27% CBD Green Tea is third-party lab tested and a fun way to get CBD hemp flower into your body. 

You can purchase For The People 27% CBD Green Tea here.

CBDistillery Sleep CBD Gummies

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It’s amazing how many different delivery methods you can find with CBD oils. If you’re not into tinctures or tea, perhaps these CBDistillery Sleep CBD Gummies will work for you. These broad-spectrum gummies also have melatonin in them to help encourage more restful sleep. As with all of these products, they are third-party, ISO-certified lab tested, so you know you’re getting nothing but the best ingredients. 

If you’re looking for fine quality and affordable CBD products, try out CBDistillery today

Toast Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract – Cinnamon

Do you want to try out a new CBD oil flavor? 

Some people don’t love the taste of hemp. It can definitely be an acquired flavor as it can present as earthy for some people. Well, now you don’t have to worry about the natural taste of hemp with this cinnamon-flavored hemp extract from Toast. Experience the mind and body calm that is often accompanied with CBD with this full-spectrum CBD oil. 

You can try out Toast Cinnamon Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract right here

Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax CBD Gel Capsules 

Receptra Naturals has mastered the art of creating really incredible packaging, but that’s not all they’re good at. These CBD gel capsules, and all of their other products, offer a blend of organic ingredients and full-spectrum hemp extract. While full-spectrum hemp extract contains THC and all the other cannabinoids found in the specific strains used for these products, they still comply with federal regulations. You can guarantee this because they always offer third-party lab testing. 

You can purchase Seriously Relax CBD gel capsules here.

The Takeaway

Finding the best CBD isn’t always an easy task. But thanks to our careful research, you can save yourself some time and start experiencing your way down this list. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. As you experiment with CBD oils, take note of how each one makes you feel based on the time of day you took it, your mental state at the time, and any other notes you want to make. Soon, you’ll be an expert at what kind of CBD you want at different times and seasons of life. 

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