Uniquely combining pinball with bingo, Looff's Lite-a-Line has bounced silver balls since 1941, when it first opened at the Pike, the long-gone amusement park in Long Beach. Inside, you're immediately hit by buzzes, bells, plinking and clacking. Before you sit down, you'll notice it's a mini-museum as well — thanks to the Looffs, a family who designed carousels across the United States. You can see their first carousel horse and bizarre funhouse figures, photos and paraphernalia — even the lead car from Cyclone Racer, the Pike's famed wooden roller coaster, which was set on a pier. Because this is gambling, the game is 21-and-over only, with photo ID required. You get a free trial run, then load up your game card with $10 or so (each game costs $1.20). Pick a seat at one of the 64 pinball-like machines, then try to line up five balls in a line to win.

LA Weekly