There's this idea that new parents long for nothing more than a trusty babysitter and a date night out so they can feel a little saucy once again and rekindle that fabled spark. It's not true. At all. Moms and dads of teeny babes are tired AF, so once that kid goes down at twilight, they happily do the same. Still, the parenting struggle is real, and sometimes mama needs a drank. That's why day drinking is essential, and Bar 326 in the Original Farmers Market is the perfect place to do it. First of all, it's outdoors, so baby's getting some fresh air and a little Vitamin D. Second, it's a daytime place, so it's not full of drunk creepers (usually). Third, the Farmers Market is a colorful wonderland, so there's a ton of stuff that will set off fun firecrackers in baby's tiny developing brain. Strap that kid in a carrier and take advantage before he develops pesky traits like free will.

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