Take out the periods and push together the letters of the name of this local electronic duo and you get ladrones, which means “thieves” in Spanish. That wordplay becomes clearer when L.A. Drones hit stages across the city. The duo, who go by the stage names Kontrol Remoto and Darlingtonia Brackets, perform with faces covered in black cloth, like the comic book images of old-fashioned robbers, and their music is heavily based on stealing — er, sampling — from their synth-pop forebears. They play with synths and the occasional sax, singing lines like, “Give me all your money, give me all your love” (from “Don't You Want to Dance?”). L.A. Drones are for the electro kids, making music that would fit between '80s classics and turn-of-the-century artists like Miss Kittin & The Hacker, served with charm, energy and a good sense of humor.

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