Artist Kyle Ng's exhibit “We Hear It All” is ongoing at FLUX in Venice until July 18. He's done up the space into a “pop-up natural history museum” with taxidermy dioramas, animal sculptures, bee artifacts, fake snow, a baby llama, honeycombs, a telescope, a mouse fetus and squirrels.

This is a closeup of one piece. These squirrels quarreling with a fox are being carried away by balloons.

If you purchase this piece, I'm told that Kyle will come to your house and set it up. He will place each individual bee in its proper spot. You may not get these exact bees, however. He has extras at home.

Two bees in love.

Would you hang this on your wall? I would. As long as the bees were dead.

There is a room filled with snow. A hand protrudes from beneath. An animal sniffs the hand. Best viewing time is in the evening, when the light casts a blue glow onto the (fake) snow. Be prepared to don booties before entering the room.

This baby llama is watching television. Why? It's what all baby llamas do in the modern forest, of course. Childcare is expensive these days.

Golden walrus with Swarovski crystal encrusted tusks.

This mouse fetus is holding a tiny diamond. Rodent bling.

Ignore for the moment that this is an animal corpse. The contrasting textures are actually quite beautiful.

A limited edition print.

Tell it to the bees.

Kyle Ng: We Hear It All, at FLUX, thru July 18, 326 Sunset Ave., Venice, CA 90291. (310) 295-2523.

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