A Whiskerino competitor in his natural habitiat.

Sweet Jesus I've waited so long and now it's finally here. Whiskerino, the amateur beard growing competition that dares to suggest “We are alienated from our own facial hair,” has finally awakened from its two-year slumber and stormed the Internet with waves of scruffy goodness.

For all you facial hair enthusiasts out there, be forewarned, Whiskerino isn't nearly as visually impressive as the World Beard & Mousache Championship — at least not yet. It's only in its second week of competition and contestants are forced to begin with a “clean palette.” But what it currently lacks in facial landscaping artistry it more than makes up for in Ron Jeremy participation.

It's too late to join, but here's hoping Angelenos will show some civic pride and rally behind local competitors Os Mutante and Juanzo. We might not have a football team but Goddammit we have a beard team — and that's pretty good too.

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